William Folds "The Star"

This is a plane that William has created and he calls it the star. Well when you look at it from the front this paper airplane is folded like a star.

So the directions for folding this paper airplane are pretty simple really. You may need tp pause the video a time or two to get each step – but it is failry easy to follow.

Peter folds a modified Glider

The glider is a classic airplane.  In this video Peter is folding a modified version that William designed.

William Folds the "Shooting Star"

The shooting star does spins if you throw it with a medium throw. It looks like a star with flames.  It has 11 steps to make it. It was invented by William Luksha.

[podcast format="video"]http://www.kidspaperairplanes.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/theShootingStar.mp4[/podcast]

Peter Folds The Dart

Nothing really needs to be said – Peter show us to fold the Dart – well the Dart with an extra fold :)

[podcast format="video"]http://www.kidspaperairplanes.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/theDart.flv[/podcast]

William Folds "The Champ"

It has taken forever but we finally have a video to show you.  We have taken a couple hours of video – explaining the planes, testing the planes, folding the planes.  But after long hours playing with the videos we (I) have decided that the folding of the airplanes is what we are going to do the most of.  We will show the folding and then put our evaluations below the video.

So without Further Ado – William Folds “The Champ”
[podcast format="video"]http://www.kidspaperairplanes.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/theChamp1.flv[/podcast]


Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!!  I pray that your Christmas is wonderful.

Today I learned two lessons – Don’t let excitement overrule common sense and expect excitement and run with it. Are you confused? Well it is simple really but let’s start with the second rule first:

Expect excitement and run with it

If you are making paper airplanes with your kids – expect excitement.  There is a lot to this you know.  As a kid it is always exciting when you come up with an idea and your parents actually go along with it and even more exciting when they join in.

My boys are having a blast, and of course they are having a great time letting me make the hard ones :)   But they are also excited to know that they will get to make videos of making paper airplanes.  They want to do everything NOW.

So if they are dying to make videos of paper airplanes, or on the edge of their seat waiting to fold the best airplane ever – learn to go with it.  You may have to do the work yourself to start – but I expect that the thrill of throwing airplanes, measuring airplanes in flight, and especially making videos of all this will get them settled a bit when the time comes.

Don’t let excitement overrule common sense

So now that we know folding paper airplanes is exciting for them and we will be overrun with excitement over the whole idea of making a website – we know that we can let it overwhelm us and we can be ready to reign in the thrill and put in place common sense – when it is called for.

So let the kids fold and fly, fold and fly, fold and fly and you join in the fun.  When they settle down a little – that is when you need to bring on the common sense.  Start laying out what you would like to do with them.  Ask yourself some question to get going.

  • Did you ask them what they want to accomplish?
  • Do you know what you want to accomplish? If  it is not to help them accomplish what they want – then rethink what you are doing.  This one can sometimes be very hard but learn it well – Don’t put YOUR AGENDA in front of THEIR FUN
  • Have you helped them make a plan?

Anyway – I will come back later on and fix this post – The boys got me distracted by Sponge Bob :)   And after all – It’s Christmas Eve stop working.

God Bless and Merry Christmas!

Chris (Dad)

Some Books for Review

Tonight we went to the library to get some reading books and of course some books on making paper airplanes and folding paper toys of all kinds.

I will let the boys write their reviews of the planes when they are done and I will try to review the book from the dad’s point of view too.

So here are the books we got:

The Worlds Greatest Paper Airplane and Toy Book

Easy-To-Make Spaceships That Really Fly

Planes, Jets & Helicopters Great Paper Airplanes

The Kids’ Guide to Paper Airplanes

Kids Guide to Paper Air Planes

Planes Jets and Helicopters - Great Paper AirPlanes

The Worlds Greatest Paper Airplane and Toy Book

Day 3 – Testing Methods Improved

Today we worked on figuring out how we are going to test airplanes and what we will test them for.

What are we testing for?  That’s an easy one  – we are testing for Airtime, Distance, and Stunts.  We hope to film our tests so you can see what we are doing and how we measure.


To test airtime we will have one person throw the airplane and another clock it with a timer from the time it leaves our hands until the time it touches the ground.  This will give us an air time.  We may work on an average – we haven’t decided.  But also we will film each toss so we can go back and compare  the stop watch with the camera time.  Or maybe we will only do one – we’ll see :)


This is an easy one.  We will have a set starting line and a measuring tape on the floor to see where the paper airplane lands.  Here is what we have decided as a team to measure the landing spot.

  1. The first point the paper airplane touches the ground is where we will measure to.
  2. If the plane ‘slides’ on the floor we will refer to rule number one.
  3. If the plane lands on end and then falls over – again we will measure to where the plane first touched down.
  4. If the plane simply settles flat on the ground all at once ( A ringed glider would do that for instance) then we will measure the farthest point.


Well we haven’t really figured this one out yet.  I think this one is going to be left up to interpretation by the boys.   They are going to give it a ‘coolness’ rating kind of like Excite Bots does.  (Have we mentioned this is one of the boys’ favorite Wii games :)   Anyway – we will see how this comes about as we progress

On a personal – the boys ask me each morning and anytime they see me on the computer “Are you working on our website?  How is it going?”  It is interesting.

God Bless and Merry Christmas!!


Day 2 – Blog Setup and Testing Methods

Blog setup

The boys are ecstatic to get a website up and going so today – day 2 – we decided to work on this site so the boys could have an accomplished goal.  Can I just say that my boys are very excited about this idea.  They love it.

So here’s what we have done today:

    1. Register our domain kidsairplanes.com at domain registrar NameCheap
    2. Set up the domain at our domain host HostGator
    3. Transferred the dns records to our hosting account
    4. Set up this WordPress blog.  A note here – if you are using any host with cPanel installed – go diggin around for fantastico in your control panel.  If iut is there then setting up your blog is a breeze.

      That’s about it besides playing in the blog and starting some posts.  I got hte boys to come up with the “About Us” content.

      Testing Methods

      Other thing we worked on today was testing methods.  The boys went at testing with a passion.  They started creating a dozen or so different paper airplanes and put sticky notes on each one about distance and stunts.  Very basic testing – but fruitful.  Yet again this was a goal for htem to work towards – they wanted to test mucho planes.

      Tomorrow I will sit with them and work on some testing standards.

      Also today we talked about the content for the website and structure for pages.  They had almost 2 dozen topics  they wanted to make sure to cover and we will break that down in a little while.

      Be Blessed!

      Chris (Dad)

      Welcome To Kids Paper Airplanes

      Today (yesterday in reality) my boys thought of a website about paper airplanes.  Well this is it and this blog is for us to journal our adventure.  So welcome to our site and we hope you have as much fun browsing around as we are having making it.

      Have fun and God Bless.

      Dad and the boys

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